A Bird’s Eye View of Shanghai

Today, Danielle and I decided to visit the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). It is the second tallest structure in the world and the tallest-occupied building in China (Shanghai Tower is currently under construction but has already surpassed the SWFC in height). Since my arrival in China in November of 2012, I have wanted to check out the view from the observation deck; however, finding a suitable day in which the skies were clear on my days off from work foiled many of my attempts. Considering that Danielle and I only have about a month left in Shanghai and that now we are working six days a week, we seized the chance to check it out lest there would be no more opportunities in the future.

The Three Brothers. SWFC is on the left, 2014.
After walking through a shoddy security check and ten-minute exhibition tour, we were allowed to enter the elevator to head to the 94th floor. The elevator took about a minute to get to the top of the building where we took an escalator up to the 97th floor.
The 97th floor contained an exhibition center, observation windows, as well as a glass ceiling that allowed you to look up toward the observation deck. We took another elevator to the observation deck on the 100th floor where all the action was taking place. During our time on the observation deck, I snapped a bunch of pictures–I’ve included some of those below. As an anecdote, there was an old Chinese lady who was there with her family and was terrified of stepping on any of the glass plates. She spent the whole time tip-toeing her way around the glass. It was quite funny and sad at the same time because the rest of her family kept running around the deck and every time she looked up from where she was stepping, her family would be half-way across the deck and she would have to hop-skip over to them with the worst look on her face.
Panorama of Pudong District, Shanghai, 2014.
I’ve marked where I live and where I work.
SWFC, 2014.
Jinmao Tower. Tallest building in the PRC from 1999 to 2007.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Bank of China Headquarters, 2014.
The top of Shanghai Tower still under construction, 2014.

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