A day trip to Bohol Island…

The above compilation of videos is a tribute to our day trip across Bohol Island during our visit to the Philippines. We spent the day with Marc, our driver, exploring the eccentric places that dotted the 4,820.95 kilometer-squared island.

Approximately a month after our trip to Bohol, the island was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which severely altered different parts of the island and killed 222 people. Many of the Chocolate Hills were destroyed by landslides, as well as the observation deck. Buildings and roads collapsed in Tagbilaran City. The façade and bell tower of Baclayon Church collapsed. Beaches and bays around Bohol and Panglao were dramatically shifted, and in some places the ground was raised up to 3 meters.

Three weeks later, Bohol was hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

The events mentioned above made me quite sad. However, it has also made me appreciate our time on the island and the adventures we had while careening through the forest in our van.

The two pictures on the bottom are ones I took while we were at the Chocolate Hills. The top picture is one I found on the internet after the earthquake.
A Chocolate Hill that has collapsed due to the earthquake. Image retrieved from: http://www.newsflash.org/2004/02/pictures/000085767.jpg.



A picture I took of Baclayon Church from inside the courtyard on August 30th, 2013. This catholic church is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, first built in 1596 and rebuilt in 1727.
A picture of Baclayon Church after the quake. Image retrieved from: http://images.gmanews.tv/v3/webpics/v3/2013/10/640_2013_10_17_10_45_44.jpg.

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