From Mandalay to Lashio

Our trip from Mandalay to Lashio took approximately 6-7 hours due to multiple stops for nutrient intake, a military skirmish (see Civil War in Myanmar), and multiple stops for waste disposal. While I am the type of person who likes to travel without stops (I want to reach my destination as quickly as possible), this rationale is not conducive to most road trips when other people are involved.… Read More From Mandalay to Lashio


Civil War in Myanmar

“Well, we made it here alive,” I say. For the first time in my life, those words do not seem as hyperbolic as when I have used them in the past. We are walking down a street in Lashio, heading for a tea shop after having some Shan cuisine.

Danielle looks at me, grins, and says, “Yea, we did.”… Read More Civil War in Myanmar